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Get to Know Our Story

There are some things we can only learn from the storms. The storms that will either break us or make us. Not long ago I was devastated, destroyed, and broken to pieces by the storm that I thought would kill me. With enough courage and will, I made it through. My story is not unique, but it can help others like me relate.

Are you a person who’s suffering from heartaches? Do you feel the pain from being cheated on? Are you a parent in grief from losing a child? Do you wish that you could just flick your fingers and all the pain would go away and the memories would disappear? Well, you are not alone.

Is the pain of letting go stopping you? Are you afraid to move on or maybe telling yourself a story that you can’t find that special someone? Maybe you still believe that one day, you’re cheating partner will come around, beg your forgiveness and you can live happily ever after. You may be hoping that it’s all just a nightmare, and when you wake up you still have your child with you.

My name is Crisly Zerrudo, and just like you, I am a friend, a partner, a parent, and a survivor from the storm that hit my life not once, but twice. First being cheated on with a partner that I never thought for once would cheat on me. It felt like all the weight of the world was on my shoulder, but you know what? I pulled it off, moved on and found someone that showed me what it really felt to be loved, and what love really is. Then I was hit with another storm. My partner and I lost our baby. Our first baby. Losing our Angel was the worst pain I ever felt in my entire life. Losing my baby felt like I also died and  they just forgot to bury me. I wished that my life would have ended as well.

Unfortunately, life is not that easy. We have to deal with all that pain, pass all the storms that life threw at us to be able to understand our own existence. If we focus on the hurt, we will continue hurting, but if we focus on the lessons, we will grow. You don’t get over it, you go through it, so be strong!


For everyone who is suffering and crying silently because they don’t want anyone to know how they really feel. Who smile and laugh outside but are dying inside, you came to the right place. Although I moderate this site, it is not mine, it is for all the wonderful and strong people. This site is for you, share your story, and let’s help each other overcome all the storms that life threw at us. Let’s empower and uplift each other and find comfort from one another.

Here is the excerpt of my first blog:

Moving on and letting go of my past toxic relationship blessed me with a man whom I call my un-married husband. He is my strength when I am weak, my guide when I’m lost, and the light in my darkness, (not trying to be cheesy). Not to mention my walking encyclopedia, no kidding aside.

Head on to my blog to continue reading our story. Please don’t forget to leave me a comments or suggestions.

  1. JD JD

    Wow…. I love your way of writing and wish I could give you a hug now. Time to explore your ( our) website with a cup of tea. It feels good to be here! xx from a Dutch girl in Uruguay.

    • Thank you and welcome to our site. I promise there will be more to explore soon, I’m still in learning process 🙂 Im glad that you like to be here.

  2. Wow what a story. We have similar backgrounds.

    • Hi Rhonda, yes we do have a similar backgrounds, thank you for the journal 🙂

  3. Hey Crisly!
    I liked the way how quickly you resolved my blog related query and now after reading this I feel what a kind and wonderful person you are!
    Keep going!

    • Hi Navneet, thank you for such an uplifting message. I am very humbled to have helped resolved your queries and please don’t hesitate to contact me whenever you needed my help.

  4. Hi Cristly,
    Your story is similar to many but you delt with differently.
    I just started writing mine…
    Will share to you soon.

    • Crisly Zerrudo Crisly Zerrudo

      Indeed it is, and that’s the reason why I started this journey, because I want to touch those life of other’s that they are not alone, thatbI feel them. They may have a great suport from their family and friends, but no one can comprehend how it really feels unless you went from thesame situation.
      I look forward for you to be a part of us.

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