Breakup Drama – The Do’s and Don’ts After Breakup

Breakup Drama – The Do’s and Don’ts After Breakup

We’ve all been there and know that a breakup can significantly upset your entire world. For whatever reason the breakup may have occurred, it still hurts, a lot. How we react and respond to breakup drama significantly affects the way we feel.

Some say ok, it’s time to figure out what’s going on with my ex. Checking their social media pages, talking to their friends, finding out the “scoop”. Does that really help? Does that make you feel any better? When really asking yourself that question the answer is probably no, so let’s change it up.

What can we do to help relieve the pain and stress involved with a breakup? I’ve created a list of healthy tips on how to work through the emotions surrounding a breakup. The do’s and don’ts.


First and foremost is self-care. Taking care of yourself is essential when you’re going through a tough time. Whether it’s getting a manicure or massage or eating and sleeping well, it’s all self-care and essential to your well-being.

Next, surround yourself with good friends and family. A great support system is essential when you’re experiencing being in this vulnerable place.

How about practicing some healthy coping skills? It’s essential to your well-being and recovery.

Journal journal journal, journaling your emotions can really help to speak to your inner emotions and allow yourself to express your emotions in a healthy manner.

Exercise!!! Get out, walk around, take a class, go to the gym, and increase the endorphins.

Challenging your negative thoughts can also be very helpful in your recovery. Challenge these negative thoughts and work towards positive thinking, one step at a time.

Mindfulness is also extremely helpful. Focus on the here and now, take it slow, one day at a time. Be kind to yourself, you deserve it.

Be patient! A breakup is like mourning. The grievance process can take time.


Do not talk to your ex’s friends or follow their social media. This is only a recipe for disaster.

Do not talk bad about your ex to their friends and family. You’re feeling angry and upset. That is understandable, but having these conversations only draws you into a darker place.

Don’t blame!! Blaming becomes a big part of the unanswered questions after a break, but the blame game gets your nowhere fast. Stay away from that negative place and focus on the future, your positive future.

Don’t pretend your fine. Be true to yourself and your emotions. If you need to cry, let it all out. It’s essential to feel your emotions and go through each to reach the road to recovery.

Do not seek revenge. You’re angry, you feel vulnerable and sad. Seeking revenge seems natural, but it’s not going to have any positive end results. I promise you that, so stay away from the revenge and seek peace instead.

Don’t repeat mistakes. Don’t keep your ex in your life. Things change for a reason, and it’s better to leave the past in the past, it’s there for a reason.

Do not self-destruct. You’re upset and it’s clear, but don’t go down the road of self-destruction. In the end, the only one suffering is you, so do the opposite. Focus on what makes you happy.

Do not isolate yourself. You may feel like becoming a hermit, but it’s not going to help with the healing process. Do the opposite, surround yourself with a great support system, keep yourself busy and happy.

Next Step

Take time for yourself, creating your own happiness, and again, patience is key. It takes time, and as long as the essentials of your well-being are practiced, things will get easier. Although it’s hard to believe at first, with time, all wounds will heal.


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  1. Super great advice. As soon as my ex and I broke up, I not only unfriended him on all social media, but also blocked him so I wouldn’t check up on him. It’s just not healthy and it doesn’t allow a full-on letting go. Plus, it hurts when the former starts seeing someone else and splashes pictures everywhere. Great post!

  2. True Kristi, we can never let go of the past if we keep seeing things that reminds us about that certain past. They are ex for a reaaon ☺️

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