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“Everyone found their love story. Some have happily ever after. How I wish I could be the same way too. The feeling of “he will kiss me on my forehead”. A love story is one of the best parts of our lives and the mystery of love moves in mysterious ways.”
This month we celebrate the month of love, most of you may be excited to receive flowers and exchange love letters with your loved ones, but in my part, this is different.
Before I share my story, I will make this blog post as my confession.

I’m Opening Up

This year, I’m turning 25 years old without experiencing any love life. There were no exchanges of love letters and didn’t receive any flowers. I am still hoping that one day I will find my true love or my true love will find me. Sometimes, I asked myself if he even exists or I was born destined to be alone (I hope not!).

I am the person that you can call “hopeless romantic” meaning; idealistic, sentimental, dreamer, and a believer in the “happily ever after”. In short, I believe in romantic fairy tales and hoping to meet my prince charming someday.

As of the moment, I feel the pressure when it comes to relationship and marriage because we all know that by your 30’s you need to settle down, (I have 5 years left). So what’s going on? My family, friends, and everyone who knows me always ask me the same questions.

“Amay, why you still don’t have a boyfriend? Amay, why you don’t go out for some dates? Amay, why you don’t find a man that will make you feel happy?”
The feeling that everybody is pushing you but there is nothing, there’s really no one. I can’t imagine that I’m being too old and everyone is asking me when I will get married and why I don’t try to get in a relationship. What is the reason?

The Reasons why I Still Don’t Find my Prince Charming

Having 36-29-34 vital statistics, 5’2 in height. Okay, I’m not that sexy people! But not too bad as well, lol. I admit I’m not really as beautiful as what you would expect. I focused myself more on going out to concert and gigs. I’m a very talkative and funny person when it comes to attitude.

On the other hand, I am an introvert for the rest of the time and I love being alone. I am a workaholic and I love making music. With these qualities, I can assume that I already lost in the search for the right man. I guess this is the first reason. But I’ll give you more.
I am a responsible person.

As a second breadwinner of the family, I have responsibility and priority first. I help my parents financially. Especially here in the Philippines, you need to work hard to sustain their wants and needs and also they need your support. During my college days, I was a working student. I studied in the morning and worked at night. I focused myself to finish my studies and achieve my goals in life, and that was a success for my parents too.

I have Monthsary Too

Imagine, I’m not yet married but I already have bills to pay. I have loans and I pay my little brother’s tuition. I have monthsary too you know, but not the same just like regular couples do. Exchanging love letters? Nahhh!! People give me a lot of enveloped letters. Letters of disconnection notice, and a lot of statements of account. They say we have different priorities in life. Indeed! We have different priorities, but even though you are the breadwinner of your family you have to give time for yourself too.

Amaysz Bills

For me, this is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes, I come to the point where I don’t have time for myself because of the stress! I don’t have time to socialize and engage with people because of stress, lack of sleep and thinking a lot of things instead. In my part, I need 8 hours of sleep and do the things that make me feel happy, but this was difficult.

What are the things that make me happy, you may ask?
Food is one of my sources of happiness and going to the restaurants is my kind of adventure. I also love making music. I’ll spend my time watching concerts, gigs, and travel. I made a blog to share my journey and thoughts in life to try to inspire other people. I also love making poetry to express my feelings.

Most of the girls my age might love to go shopping and pampering themselves. Maybe this is why I look different from them too. I love making funny jokes and do goofy things. Sometimes I’m being a bullish type of a person. Most of the time I’m being too realistic when it comes to life, so I guess this is why I am still single.

My Ideal Man

Yes! I know some of you are really curious about this topic. What’s my ideal man? My Ideal person isn’t what you think. It’s not about the looks, age, or life status like he’s rich or poor. My ideal man is the one who can accept me for who I am. Matured and ready for consequences, realistic and ready for acceptance.

Amaysz Ideal Man

These days trust is very important. I have fears when it comes about failing and disappointment. I’m a little bit conservative and honestly, I don’t have an idea how to flirt with someone else. In Filipino term, I am the Torpe one. I don’t tell my feelings to the person I love because I am afraid of rejection.

Most of the guys, but not all, love having fun, seducing, flirting. You know what I mean.
After that, if you give in to their wants, they leave you without any words. They will just make you fall for them and will only give you false hope. You lose when you give in, and they will disappear like a bubble in the air. I’m not that kind of girl who will give in to their wants. I am no longer a teenager, to play their games. I am into a more serious relationship.

You may be wondering, did I fall in love already?
Yes, I fell in love so many times but suddenly it doesn’t work. We all know it’s hard to catch someone’s attention especially if the person doesn’t really like you. Some relationships just don’t work out. No matter what the situations are; it is either the time, distance, commitment, or anything else. I think love can’t really find me. Love was not an easy thing to find on the island, but true love finds its own ways.

High Hopes

I really hope that one day my prayers will be heard and answered. Thinking that God will give me sympathy.

Maybe the reason is that this is not the right time for me yet. Sometimes, I’m thinking, do I deserve this kind of hurt? Thinking that God didn’t answer my prayers. I have many failures when it comes to getting into a relationship. I am still hoping my “prince charming” would find me. No one can tell when will it happen but I have high hopes that I will meet him someday. I believe that if you don’t expect anything, things will come unexpectedly.

Amaysz Prayers

If you’re single like me and still waiting for the answer, you don’t have to worry. The right time will come. Don’t rush things, don’t let others dictate you, instead enjoy yourself. Do the things that make you feel happy. Have faith with a heart full of hopes because life is full of high hopes. I hope my story will inspire you.

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Maysz Adrias

Maysz Adrias

Admin Staff and part-time blogger of AMAYSZING BLOG. Musician and writer. Exploring things here in wonderful world. Writing stories such as inspirational Believing faith is powerful

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  1. jaynaylee

    I really liked when you said Don’t rush, and don’t let others dictate you. You are so right when it’s your time you will know. Thanks for sharing ❤️

  2. Neely

    I met my husband after dating a lot of not great guys. I promise its worth the wait!

  3. Stephanie

    I truly agree that things happen when they are supposed to. I was not looking for love when I met my husband. We were friends for almost a year before we started dating. You never know when or where you will find the right person.

  4. Krysten

    I so agree that things happen when they’re supposed to. I got married the first time around because everyone else was doing it – so not a good reason. But had I not married him, I never would have gone for my 2nd husband. So…. it happens how it’s supposed to.

  5. Angela Tolsma

    Post like these make me insanely sad. You don’t need man to have a complete life. You can enjoy all the things in life without one. Buy flowers for yourself, treat yourself well. Everyone has bills and stories it’s what you choose to make of it that matters.

  6. jessmaca

    Wishing you warmest thoughts as you work through this both financially and intimately. Love can be hard, but I think the most important aspect is finding happiness. Take time for yourself, time you can de-stress and focus solely on you and your wants and needs. <3

  7. Andrew McKoscielecky

    I totally get you girl! I was single for 5 years and 3 years later I met my wife!

  8. Corinne Skidmore

    Love can be instant, or it can take time. It is empowering to hold off until the right one comes along.

  9. Samar

    Once you are really independent, you start enjoying and cherishing life, which decreases the so called hype of “prince charming”.

    Thanks for sharing your point of view.

  10. You are still young and waiting for the right person will come no matter what age. My bf and I have been together for 9 years and still arent married! You’ve heard this term before…Always do you, first!

  11. ariannepeters6986

    This is a great post!
    I got married at 22 but I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I first focused on school

  12. You, Me and Benny

    I think your time is coming – I wasn’t looking for my husband when we rekindled our romance (seriously it had been 8-9 years since we saw each other) and it just worked out like it was supposed to! It will come when it’s perfect!

  13. Christa

    It might be difficult now, but life has a way of working out. You have so much to offer in a relationship.

  14. Nati

    You are young. Younger than you actually think you are! And love will come when you least expect it, it always does!

  15. Keshia Richmond

    It always great to have high shooed and enjoy single life.

  16. jplagens

    I appreciate your vulnerability. You are smart to wait for the right person. It will happen in the right time.

  17. Shanab

    Just be patient. The right things happen at the right time. And wen it works out you will realise why it had to happen like that.

  18. amayszingblogs

    Hi Guys! Thank you so much for reading my story I really hope that my story will inspire you. I know everything happens for a reason and I believe that when you have “High hopes” it give a lot of chances, anything will come unexpectedly Spread love always <3

  19. ksbitsnpieces

    The love of your life will come along before you know it. Think of it this way, you are getting to know yourself and what you truly want.

  20. tcleland88

    Speaking from experience, it’s much better to wait for the right person than to settle for someone who isn’t right. When the time is right, you may find that the perfect person has been there all the time.

  21. I know her that’s why while reading it I kinda felt like I knew who’s the writer. Anyways obviously u should be patient and wait for the right man.

  22. Matija Antonić

    wait we need to settle down by the time we are thirty? hmmmm, can I get an extension on that maybe xD I’m 28 lol, I mean it’s good to not rush, because better to let things take it’s time, and still it’s not written in stone that you need to have a family or be married by a certain year or age, it will come when it comes, when you least expect it 😉 just don’t give up hope

  23. Nina

    Relationship is not about the looks. One day, your prince charming will come in your life unexpectedly. You’re still too young. 🙂

  24. folabest

    Just be patient the right one for you will surely come. Hold up to the hope and you need to also becareful as some unserious person will use this to enter you just for fun. Wish you all the best

  25. Elizabeth O

    Your story is such an inspiring for everyone. We should never give up and have faith on us. If it is not happening right now then it means it is not the right time but one day it will sure happen. Thank you for motivating me.

  26. Mane

    I feel the same sentiment. In a relationship with FOOD. Hahah! Don’t worry, you’re young and smart.I agree with you, don’t rush your ideal man will come at the right time. In God’s perfect time.

  27. Hey, whenever you need virtual hugs, I am just here. Thank you so much for opening up to us, your readers. If there is one thing I have learned in this lifetime, it is that we all have our own timelines. No one is late or too early, what matters most is how well we can cope with every situation that we somehow face in life. I admire you in so many ways but most of all, I admire you for being brave.

  28. aisasami

    I am close to 30 and I have no means or hopes to find that one. I think life shouldn’t be about finding the One. Just have fun and let things come and go. If you have dreams, go after them!

  29. Cendu

    You are beautiful. You are unique and you are special. Love comes in many forms. Before we can ask another to love us for us, we must first learn self love. Love yourself for everything you are because there is only one you. When you radiate that positivity and love into the world, the right one for you will follow this light to you. Treat yourself as you would your best friend. Would you tell your best friend she’s not the prettiest or sexiest person etc? NO, never! We uplift them and cheer them on. Be your own cheerleader. Shine bright you beautiful diamond <3

  30. Ara Patria

    How inspiring! I love everything that is said in this article. Thank you for sharing this! I hope you continue to inspire everyone. One more thing, always take note to be happy.

  31. TheKitchenDoc

    good things (and people) come to those who wait..:) Don’t give up, you are so young…:) and age actually really does not matter.

  32. meg

    I felt the same way just a few years ago! Like I was somehow falling behind but it seems like you have so much going for you and a lot of responsibilities, you’re growing in your own way – give yourself some credit!

  33. amayszingblogs

    Hi Guys thank you for your wonderful comments and advice it’s kind of really appreciating I really hope my story will inspire thank you so much spread love <3

  34. Adharsh

    Liked your thoughts. I think you are open minded with a lovely heart. Love and care each other. Only one life. Thanks for sharing this post.

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