How to Use Pinterest – Beginners Guide

How to Use Pinterest

You may have heard about Pinterest.

Everybody’s talking about it but you’re not sure where to begin.

Start by following these simple tips, and you will be able to learn how to use Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is free to use graphic virtual board site that allows you “pin” (upload, save, and manage) images and other media content (i.e. videos) within boards. You can create those boards to help you organize your images and add descriptions to better recognize them. Majority of these pins can be linked back to the website where they appeared in the first place. That way, you can access them later with ease.

People frequently relate Pinterest with fashion, books and recipes. What is Pinterest good for then? While the previous statement is accurate to a certain point, Pinterest is also covered with designers, businesses, real estate, bloggers and many others that have discovered other ways how to use Pinterest.

Feel free to check out Empowering and Uplifting on Pinterest for motivational and inspirational content.

Sign Up for Pinterest

Visit and you will see a sign-up screen. You have an option to sign up using your email address, or you can join by connecting your Facebook or Twitter account.

Start by signing up with your email. You’ll be asked a few questions such as your name and gender.

To connect with Facebook, you will need to provide Pinterest the permission to access your basic info, email address, birthday, and likes. This allows it to post activity on your behalf, but you have an option whether you want your pins reposted on Facebook or not. It will automatically import your Facebook profile photo.

If you choose to connect with Twitter, you will be giving Pinterest the permission to read tweets from your timeline, see who you follow and follow new people, update your profile, and post tweets for you.

Pick and Follow 5 or more Boards

Once you get the account, you’ll be asked to choose 5 or more boards to follow. Pinterest will suggest some boards. Select a category from the list such as Education, Design, Architecture, Fashion, History, Nature, Technology and many more.

Initially, these boards are selected just to get you rolling. Browsing the site, you’ll discover other boards. Consider the fact that most accounts have multiple boards. If you follow an account, you automatically follow all its boards. You have the option to follow and unfollow specific boards, at any time, without the account owner being notified.

Install the Pinterest Browser Button

The easiest way to save content from any website is to add the “Save” button to your web browser. Visit the Browser Button page on Pinterest to install it. You can also add pins via the Save button when visiting your preferred sites.

Get Pinterest Browser Button

Confirm Your Email

Before you continue, check the inbox of the email used to create your Pinterest account. Click the button to confirm your email address. Without confirmation, you won’t be able to comment, send Pins, or join group boards.

Check the Settings

Once you have done all that, it’s time to check your settings. Mouse over the three-dot menu in the upper right-hand corner and click Settings. Here, you can update account basic information, adjust your profile, decide what type of notifications you want to receive, connect or disconnect to other social networks and increase your account security with a two-factor authentication.

Don’t have time to read the whole guide right now?

Not a problem. Let us send you FREE copy so you can read it when you have more time. Just let us know where to send it (it takes 6 seconds):

Create a New Board

You need to create boards to be able save and organize pins you’re interested in. Click on your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner. Press the plus button in the Create Board rectangle. A pop up window will appear asking you to name the board.

Create a Board

Once it’s created, you can add a description and category by clicking the pencil button in the top center. You can search for ideas before choosing the name for your board. You can also invite collaborators to add pins to your board. Search for collaborators by first and last name, user name or full email address in the search box, and they’ll get an email or notification about your invite.

There’s an option to create a secret board. Anything you pin to this board is only visible to you and those you invite to it. Secret Pins and boards will not appear in the home feed, in search or anywhere on Pinterest.

Start Pinning

Well done! You made it this far and now you’re ready to start pinning. Check the pins of people you follow in your home feed. You can access it by clicking the Pinterest logo at the top left corner of the screen. Also, you can search for pins and boards by entering a keyword in the search bar. If you wish, you can search more precisely by selecting a category from the “hamburger” menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen next your profile name.

Search for Pin

When you find an image you want to pin, simply hover over it and click the Save button that appears in the upper right-hand corner. You will be prompted to assign it to one of your boards and add a description. If you click anywhere else on the image, it will be enlarged and you can then save it.

If you like someone’s pin, but not enough to save it to one of your own boards. You can add a comment to that pin by clicking on the comment button. Try to keep thoughts and criticisms positive.

Upload Your Own Pins

Lastly, you can upload your own pins. If you have a photo you’ve taken and want to upload it to Pinterest, you can do that by using their upload options. Go to your main Pinterest feed and click the “+” button in the upper right-hand corner. From the screen that drops down you’ll be able to add a pin by uploading a photo from your hard drive. Here you can choose the image, destination URL, pick a board for your Pin, add a description and then save it.

Save from a Device

You can also choose to save from a website. Type in the website URL, find images and click save. Add or edit the description and select the board you want to save it to. Now you know how to use Pinterest.

Get Social

Congratulations! You’re officially part of the Pinterest family. Now, it’s time to make new friends. Follow more boards and continue building your own to attract new followers. Join group boards, invite others to join yours and get friendly by commenting on other pins. Our growing Pinterest community is welcoming people who want to share their experience with others. Feel free to join our Pinterest group board.

Happy Pining!

Now, It’s Your Turn

When are you going to start?

Are you going to spend more time working on your Pinterest account? Will you share with others on how to use Pinterest?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.

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John Todorovic

John Todorovic

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  1. Daneen

    Wish I had this info at my fingertips when I first started using Pinterest, it would have made things a lot easier! Great info, very helpful to newbies for sure!

    1. John Todorovic

      Hi Daneed,

      I wish I had it also 🙂 That’s why I decided to put it together and make life easier for fellow bloggers. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  2. Amela

    Thank you for sharing, it really helped me a lot 🙂

  3. John Mulindi

    Pinterest is one of my biggest source of traffic to my blog. This is indeed a simple guide that any blogger can follow to set up and run a successful Pinterest account.

    1. John Todorovic

      Thanks John. I was aiming at making it simple and straight forward.

  4. athomewithnich

    I’m not new to Pinterest but I never knew how to upload my own pins. Thank you so much. Now I need to get pinning my own stuff.

    1. John Todorovic

      No problem. I’m glad that I could help. Thanks for appreciating.

  5. Jessica

    Thank you! I am on Pinterest, but found these tips very helpful in learning how to use it more effectively!

  6. Mal

    This is such a good guide for Pinterest. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. I have been on Pinterest for quite some time and have a pretty nice number of followers. However, I think it is good to get back to basics from time to time. I will review my account to see how I can use your tips.

    1. John Todorovic

      Sometimes, even though it may seem counter-productive, it’s good to go back and review. I appreciate the time you took to read through.

  8. Elisa

    Great article for newbies! Good information, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  9. Shaylynn @ Purposeful Mothering

    Perfect for beginners and those interested in joining the world of Pinterest!I appreciate the clarity you gave! When I first started incorporating Pinterest with my blog, I was lost. So glad I took the leap!

  10. Toni Caggiano

    I have been trying to get more into pinterest to promote my blog and my brand. although i am not completely new to pinterest , this is super helpful as far as navigation and use. Thanks!

    1. John Todorovic

      Thank you Toni. I’m glad that you found this guide useful.

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