Love Story that was Sealed by Fate

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Hidden Power of Love

Ours is a love story that was definitely sealed by fate. If you never believed in destiny before our love story is proof that there is a hidden power that brought us together.

It all started in October 2008. I still vividly remember that day as if it was yesterday. I worked in corporate and I was still married to an abusive partner. My job at the time was a little boring and I was looking for a new challenge. A friend at another company asked me to apply for one of 2 jobs that had become vacant. I took the plunge and applied. Mickesh, my now soulmate, and husband had just finished his law degree and worked at a small Insurance Company. He was also looking for a new venture and applied for the second job.

We were both interviewed, amongst other candidates, and we were chosen as the two new employees. I clearly remember the day we started our new jobs, being the punctual person I am I was there long before 8 am. However, Mickesh who till this day still arrives just in time did the same on his first day. If I remember correctly I think he arrived at the stroke of 8.

Shake hands

When I took a little glimpse of him, I thought “he’s not my type”. He had no dress sense and looked a little old-fashioned. The HR lady took us around the office and introduced us as “Mickesh and Lorraine”, only a few years later our names were engraved on our wedding invite as “Mickesh and Lorraine”. Who would have guessed that I would marry someone “not my type”!

My Bestfriend and Confidante

My marriage to my first husband was slowly crumbling, the cracks were there long before Mickesh and I joined Guardian National Insurance Company. I was in an abusive, unhappy marriage.

At Guardian National I formed a close bond with three male friends and Mickesh was one of them. They were my comfort when I had bad days, they made me laugh and we spent all our breaks together. We were a crazy bunch with jealous colleagues wishing they shared the same relationship we shared.

Mickesh and I shared an office and he became my best friend and confidante. He was a single, eligible bachelor and was seeking his soulmate. I was the one ordering flowers for his girlfriends and helping him choose restaurants in his quest for a wife.

Despite my bad marriage I was still in it for the long haul and tried my best to make it work. However, my marriage came to an end in the year 2000. I was alone and pregnant with my second child.

Against All Odds

It felt great to be out of an abusive marriage and I was finally free. My maternity leave lasted 6 months and although I wanted to be divorced it was tough being alone and raising a baby. I was depressed and hurt and longed for a better life. A friend suggested I have a consultation with an Astrologer. Wow, I was blown away with his prediction. He said I will meet a man at work within a few months and he will be my husband. Here I was all excited to get back to work, hoping some hot hunk had filled a vacancy at my workplace.

Much to my disappointment, there were no new guys at work. But Mickesh was still there, excited to see me back at work. He had gotten quite cheeky in my absence. I asked him for some help with work and he said “yes, in exchange for a kiss” and to my surprise, I agreed. It was a very quick, awkward kiss in the office kitchen.

He asked me on my first date in December 2011 and there was no turning back. I am 4 years older than he is, I am divorced and he was never married. Our relationship was not the ideal one in the eyes of the Indian community but we stuck together against all odds. Our deep love developed from a platonic friendship that illustrates the depth of our bond. It wasn’t a case of love at first sight or mutual attraction, I grew to love Mickesh. Although he says he thought I was the most beautiful woman since the first day he set eyes on me.

Today I am married to my best friend who is my whole world and I’ve since realized “he is definitely my type”! It’s a wonderful thing to have your partner support you and stand by you every step of the way. The bonus is that he is a great dad and my kids gravitated towards him from the first time they met him.

I Feel Inlove with His Personality

We are married for 11 years with 3 kids.

I didn’t think I would date a man so soon after my divorce. But dating someone I had known, trusted and had an emotional connection with for a long time made it easy. Mickesh was already a friend, I knew his personality. I may not have been physically attracted to him from the start but I fell in love with his personality, he is smart, highly intelligent, trustworthy, kind and gentle with a humble nature. These were the qualities that attracted me to him. Most of all I knew that I will never be abused by him and he would be a great role model for my boys.

Family Photo

Society may have objected to our relationship and yes I had to endure a lot of negativity and jealousy but being divorced didn’t make me any less of a human being. Our status doesn’t dictate the kind of person we are, being divorced doesn’t mean you are are not worthy of finding love again, be it with a single man or another divorced man.

Despite all the negativity we have survived 11 years of marriage, we are still in love with each other and my husband loves me for the human being I am. My age nor does my status have any impact on the quality of our relationship. Our relationship is based on trust, respect, and communication.

You are Worthy

If you have ever been in an abusive relationship please believe that there are good men out there. You are worthy of being loved and respected. Not all men are monsters. My husband is proof that there are good men out there.

I feel like I’ve been given a second chance in life, a chance to spend my life with a man that appreciates me for who I am. A man that thinks I’m the most beautiful woman on earth and after 11 years can still tell me how gorgeous I look.

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Lorraine Maharaj

Lorraine Maharaj

I’m Lorraine and I love cooking and sharing so it’s why I started my food blog 7 months ago. I’ve had a difficult and abusive past and therefore I am grateful for everything I have today. My kitchen is my sanctuary, it helps with my fatigue due to my autoimmune conditions and definitely helps eliminate my day to day stress. I would love to inspire and empower other women to love life and believe no matter what your circumstances there is always hope. Never depend on others for your happiness, Always be kind, giving, loving, grateful, stay positive and never stop learning and growing ... it’s how I live my life and I’m happier for it.

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  1. tennismom miami

    Such a beautiful story Lorraine!! I’m so happy fate brought you together with Mickesh at the right time. You guys make a beautiful couple:)).

  2. Lorraine

    Thank you so much Sonila. He is the love of my life ❤️

  3. You, Me and Benny

    this is amazing and you guys are so so so cute!!! I love this and it shows you that love does conquer all !!

  4. akatwala1421

    This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing; it reminds me of my and my SO

  5. Binge on Basics

    Such a heart warming story. It is true that in Indian society people do not accept second marriages, especially when it comes to women. But I am glad that she found happiness and has a wonderful family now

  6. Lisa

    What a beautiful story! I’m so happy you found your happy ending. You have a lovely family!

  7. Lorraine

    Thank you so much for your kind words Ashli. Yes I do believe that love conquers all

  8. Sheela

    So glad you found each other. Lovely story.

  9. Neil Alvin Nicerio

    Great story. This reminds me of my love story with my wife. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Lorraine

    Thank you Neil! I hope to hear your love story sometime soon 😊

  11. Nina

    What a beautiful love story! It was definitely sealed by fate and may you continue to thrive in faith and love!

  12. remo

    What an amazing love story! Such a lovely family portrait. God bless. Thanks for sharing!

  13. JK Darling

    Your story is great and inspiring. I am glad that you guys continue to love each other and are there for one another deapite all odds cuz thats what marriage is all about, ‘you stick closer to your partner in a fire without giving up’. I pray you guys continue to inspire many married people around you. 😊

  14. aisasami

    This is a beautiful story. It is so inspiring and Mickesh seems like a sweet, caring guy! Thanks for sharing.

  15. tcleland88

    I love this story. My husband and I were good friends for five years before we started dating. It’s been a dream every since.

  16. Elizabeth O

    Thanks for sharing this lovely and beautiful story. I am so glad for you and wish you happy married life.

  17. ZyraKuma

    Nawww this is so adorable! Thanks for sharing this lovely story. It made my day.

  18. Style High Guy

    What a beautiful story to share – so inspriing #marriagegoals!

  19. arunamallick

    You both look nice together..

  20. Blair villanueva

    What a beautiful and inspiring story. Oh I could feel the love in the air!

  21. Samar

    Looks like a very good love story.

    Thanks for sharing.

  22. thislovefilledlife

    This was so lovely to read. It really is destiny. Thanks for sharing.

  23. very nice sharing from you, after reading your post here, I am wishing to meet my lover soon 😀 cheers, siennylovesdrawing

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