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Do you think success is always doing the best with the task at hand?

Are you helping others along the way?

Find out how Motivational Blogger Evelyn Foreman sees things from her own perspective.

What is your definition of success?

There is a wonderful quote I learned as a child in grade school that has always stuck with me by Ralph Waldo Emerson. The title is: To Laugh Often and Much.

To laugh often and much;

to win the respect of the intelligent people

and the affection of children;

to earn the appreciation of honest critics

and endure the betrayal of false friends;

to appreciate beauty;

to find the best in others;

to leave the world a bit better

whether by a healthy child, a garden patch,

or a redeemed social condition;

to know that one life has breathed easier

because you lived here.

This is to have succeeded.

In my words, success is always doing the best I can with the task at hand, because no true to myself and helping others along the way.

What do you fear the most?

The inability to gain perspective is to lose my grounding in life. This is what I fear the most. If I lose perspective, I may lack gratitude & fall prey to getting caught up in situation, and circumstance. Unable to see the big picture, I would get caught up and forget about the good, The Gift, that is Life.

What qualities do you admire in others?

I admire those who embrace life wholeheartedly and live true to themselves. I admire those with the indomitable spirit to rise, over and over again in spite of adversity. I admire those who choose to remain gentle and loving despite hardships and challenges in life.

What area of life makes you feel the best?

Of all the roles I play: mom, wife, friend, author, entrepreneur, being mom to a loving family is my greatest work and reward. Being present to fully hear, see and understand others make me feel my best, at home and in my work. I believe that life is an integrated process and many have learned to compartmentalize.

Rather than bringing wholeness and authenticity to all their endeavors, most have learned to deal with what they think others want from them, as though their roles in life are more important than their soul itself. I love reminding others of their greatness.

Is there anything you can’t let go, but you know you should?

To the best of my ability, I practice non-attachment (to people, places and things) as a way of life. Although it is an ideal, I am fully aware that it is a practice: dynamic, ever changing and requires full participation. I’m not so sure I can ever not be attached to my children and family. They are my life.

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What life experience changed the way you see and define life?

My mother passed when I was 16. This helped me understand the fragility of life, and that each moment is absolutely precious, to be engaged and to live fully to the allegiance of one’s soul.

When life pushes you over, how do you react?

My reaction would be like anyone else’s: “What? What was that 2×4 that just bonked me?” But then, I let it be, present to the confusion and turmoil within me. Allowing myself time to process my emotional reaction (only way to get to it is to get through it). Over time, I would allow it to flame the fire that fuels me, asking myself: “What else is possible?” The right answer always arrives.

Who/what motivates you the most?

My children and family – to love, serve and provide for them is my 1st priority. Helping others along the way is a blessing. All that more bates me must falls under my desire and path to live aligned to my soul’s purpose: to be authentically me (and to never betray my own heart).

What qualities do you have that others should possess?

I have an optimistic outlook I’d be happy to share. I believe that anyone can do anything they set out to do.

I think it takes all kinds to make the world go ‘round! It is the diversity and abundance of people that make life as we know it. So long as there is balance, I think the world could use more positivity, inclusivity & humility and less struggle, blame and dismissiveness.

What words of wisdom would you share with our community?

It is okay to feel, to emote, to cry. Everything serves us to help us remember that we are all precious. It breaks us down, but only in the despair of our ego mind can we find our own highest, most authentic, noble self.

Evelyn Foreman

Blogger: Evelyn Foreman

Blogger Bio: Evelyn is the creator of Path of Presence, an online community resource for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and creatives, offering branding, biz & social media support & training. She spent years in the process of taking action, listening and working through frustrations. She has also been working with other business owners, who have expressed the same frustrations trying to get their business up and humming online.

Blog link: Path of Presence

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  1. Fahim

    Such great interview. I’d like to know, do you take interview of celebrities or any bloggers are free to request? It would be great for new bloggers if they get the chance to bloom.

    1. Crisly Zerrudo

      Hi Fahim,

      Anyone can request to be featured. This is our way to help other bloggers, especially fresh one’s to get exposure and help promote them. Anyone can click on the submit your answer button and answer the questions asked. Note that we don’t publish anyone who answers, we only publish the quality one’s. Bloggers who submitted their answers with 1 sentence are not published because we want to give our community a quality content, and we want to promote bloggers who put an effort to answer the questions and give value to our community.

  2. Jess

    Wow this is a very compelling interview. Love it

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    Great interview and what a wonderful way to showcase other bloggers. I’ve enjoyed following you Crisly!

    1. Crisly Zerrudo

      Thank you Ms. Loretta, it’s great to hear that. Would be great to feature you one day 😉

  4. Jess

    Very detailed interview:) would love to see more interview like this

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    I really love her perspective. I love coming across detailed and honest interviews like this, keep on!

  6. I enjoyed reading your post. I find your theory of non-attachment interesting. That is something to think about.

  7. sourcefeed25

    Everything you have written is so true. One must embrace their life and enjoy what they love doing wholeheartedly , ultimately leading their path to success. It was a great read.😊

  8. Shanabergsma

    Evelyn sounds amazing. Great post. I fully agree about perspective. What we focus on plays a huge role in the quality of our mental state. 

  9. Greer

    What an interesting way to look at things. I want to start implementing some of this into my own life.

  10. pslater1972

    Fabulous, interesting and inspiring as always. Your posts are a ‘must read’ for me.


    What is definition of success? For everyone it’s something different. Thank You for this one!

  12. Adaezeboltbethel

    Her definition and concept about the term “success” is unique and original, very different from the other thoughts I have come across.

  13. Great interview! I have really enjoyed Evelyn’s blogs and her comments these past few weeks. She has such great insight into life and wisdom!

  14. Sam Joyce

    I did not know Evelyn, but I was curious to know more about her. I really loved your definition of success.

  15. Evelyn Lo Foreman

    Thank you for your comment. It is a privilege to learn from so many people about their life and experiences. Xo, Evelyn, PathofPresence ❤️

  16. Evelyn Lo Foreman

    I am so glad you connected with it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts ❤️ Xo Evelyn, PathofPresence

  17. Evelyn Lo Foreman

    Aw, Thank You 😊 I couldn’t have said it better 👍🏼😘

  18. pujarinimitra

    Oh wow! Great to know so much about Evelyn’s journey. Her blogs always come across as very helpful and wise.

  19. panushwari

    I think she gets the outlook right – its important to stay motivated and focus on actions the most and stay positive as much as you can to see how far you can go.

  20. misszestymagazine

    Such an amazing initiative to feature bloggers who can inspire so many of us. Great interview, really motivating.

  21. Hema

    This is such a wonderful interview. I loved reading it

  22. Nhev

    This is very helpful to all new bloggers. Cheers for success x

  23. Harish

    It’s really an amazing interview with Evelyn. Nice to know about her & the complete post is really great. Thanks for sharing!!

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