Motivational Blogger Jo Spivey

Motivational Blogger Jo Spivey

Making changes is never easy. Motivating yourself to get the work done after failing many times can be difficult. Our Motivational Blogger Jo Spivey has an interesting perspective on how to deal with these obstacles.

We exchanged a conversation with her and came up with some amazing answers. Read on to find out more.

What are the reasons you see for making a change this year?

As an anxiety sufferer, I know how tough it can be when it really get’s its hold on you. Each day can be a battle and daily tasks can prove to be an overwhelming challenge. Before you know it, old habits and behaviors have returned and you feel as though you have got yourself tangled up in the web of overthinking, self doubt and isolation.

Everything can feel “cloudy”.

After living with anxiety for so long and getting pretty sick of it, I have now taught myself to embrace those uncloudy days. I practice positive thinking, I produce a gratitude list and I take joy in each day and try to embrace the small things that can put a smile on your face. When having a tough day, I think of the uncloudy ones and find more often than not, I can teach myself how to have an “uncloudy day”.

What sort of person would you like to become?

A happy, care free spirit. One who can inspire others to follow suit. I am more positive than I used to be and more outgoing. I like to try new things and embrace being out of my comfort zone. I would like to continue with this mindset, encouraging myself and others to broaden horizons.

If things worked out in the best possible way for you, what would you be doing a year from now?

Experiencing other cultures via travelling. Soaking up the colors another country has to offer. Continuing to be happy in my marriage. Making new memories and sharing love and laughter with those important to me.

How do you motivate yourself to get work done after trying many things and failing over and over again?

Setting myself goals and targets in easy bite-size chunks so I am not totally overwhelmed by things helps to get things done. Sometimes our tasks and chores can seem like a huge mountain but taking it step by step can help with motivation.

Why do we willfully and consciously engage in self-destructive habits while ignoring our better judgment?

It is easy to go back to “what we know” even though we know from experience it doesn’t always work out. A self destructive habit can make us feel as though we are in control when really, we are not.

A happy, care free spirit. One who can inspire others to follow suit. I am more positive than I used to be and more outgoing. I like to try new things and embrace being out of my comfort zone. I would like to continue with this mindset, encouraging myself and others to broaden horizons.

What stops or reduces your motivation?

Lack of sleep. Lack of food. Negative thought patterns. Self doubt. Isolation. Procrastination. Putting things off to do later doesn’t always work for me because then I panic at being overwhelmed.

I find that if I get up at a sensible time, this allows myself the chance to gracefully move from one task to the next rather than rushing through them all or not wanting to attempt them because I don’t have enough time and throwing in the towel is an easier option.

What’s the habit requiring the least effort that makes the greatest difference?

Being kind and positive to others. A simple hello or smile can make the world of difference to somebody. You never know what someone else is going through and how a simple act of kindness can change their entire day.

What is your best advice on keeping the focus on the important when the distractions in our lives are constant?

Trying to keep yourself grounded. Remember what is important. A gratitude list can help remind you what you are grateful for. Love, light and laughter from family and friends can help keep you going.

What’s the wisest thing you have ever heard someone say?

“You can’t pour from an empty cup”. This rings so true for me. Remember to recharge your own batteries, look after yourself, your emotional and spiritual well-being are important. You can’t help others before you help yourself.

What is the most important quality you look for in another person?

Someone who is kind. Kindness can be expanded to being considerate, compassionate, honest, warm, big hearted and caring. These are qualities that make a person the best they can be. These people are my kind of people. They are on my wavelength and someone who is kind can really have a lovely impact on somebody else.

What life lessons do you wish you knew 10 years ago?

Appreciate what you have and stop striving for what you think you should have. Spend time with loved ones as you don’t know how long they will be around. Stop wishing your life away and live in the moment. Eat the cake, don’t punish yourself afterwards. Love and laugh at every opportunity you get.

Do the people you love most know how much you love them?

Yes. I tell them every chance I get. Life can be a cruel mistress. Make sure you embrace the time you get with loved ones.

Do you say ‘yes’ too often when you really want to say ‘no’? Why?

Yes! I have been and still can be a people pleaser. It makes me feel as though I will be liked more if I do more whether I want to or not.

But I don’t have to feel more appreciated than I already am if it causes me undue stress. I am learning to only do what I want to when I want to. My emotional, mental and spiritual well-being is too important to jeopardize by saying “yes” when I don’t have to.

Do you think it’s too late to do certain things in your life? Why?

No, we have one life and we can live it how we want. We are never too old to try new things, visit new places, learn new skills. We are forever learning.

If you could offer only one piece of advice about beginning, changing habits, or starting fresh, what would it be?

We can always reinvent ourselves and be anyone we want to be. We don’t have to “listen to the same record”. We have the power to choose, take control and make choices in every aspect of our lives. Do something that scares you. Start small. Learn a new hobby, try a new dish in your favorite restaurant, visit a country you have never been to. Teach yourself that it is okay to stray away from the same mundane routines and breath in all that is new, exciting and fresh.

Blogger: Jo Spivey

Blogger Bio: I am a British chick in my thirties and I am all about living a positive life filled with light, love and laughter. I enjoy travelling, taking photographs, experimenting with boho, pin-up and vintage fashion, tattoos and going on vacation.

I practice positive thinking and embracing the joy of living in the moment. I find inspiration in Mother Nature, especially the beach. Life can bring us some tough times and dark cloudy days and I make sure to treasure those “uncloudy days” – Uncloudy definition: not covered by clouds, not darkened or obscured.

Blog link: Those Uncloudy Days

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  1. This is an awesome post and I love that all of them are so relatable that can help no matter what stage you are in.

  2. Love this! I love the fun Q and A format and definitely agree to take care of yourself first to be able to share your best self with the world! Xx

  3. These are very good questions especially as we kick off a new year. Very helpful when setting goals.

  4. Nice Q & A. I do think that people don’t necessarily are willful in the continuance of bad habits, but craving comfortability is why many of us get stuck in not so wonderful cycles.

  5. Great choice of questions , more so with the answers! I love the ” spend time with your loved ones” part the most. Great read!

  6. Always block the negative and focus on the positive.

  7. One of my biggest area for improvement… thanks for sharing… learned a lot

  8. I love the quote about being able to reinvent themselves at any time. I am so PASSIONATE about telling people that. It is the MOST empowering bit if advice there is!

    1. Thank you, it’s great to know that we have empowered somebody.

  9. This is very helpful and timely. I am going through something that is making me start to wonder if I am currently “lost” or “clueless” about what I want to do right now. This definitely lifted me.

    1. Glad to know we have empowered and uplifted you.

  10. Very positive attitude.Keep going !!!

  11. Motivation to improve yourself and do better! We can all benefit from the fire of motivation in our lives.

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