Overcoming Drug Addiction

Overcoming Drug Addiction

Have you ever considered what would happen if things went the wrong way in your life?

I never thought that after everything that happened in my life, I would end up overcoming drug addiction.

Many of my colleagues considered that I am a hardworking and dedicated professional like them. I used to be a talented student at high school and also a popular athlete. I received an academic award and a scholarship at the internationally respected medical college.

Besides this, I was also trained in the most respected medical center and I got a prestigious academic job. But after some time, my colleague had noticed that I am an addicted physician. Unfortunately, due to my addiction, I lost all that I had achieved by hard work.

How I Started Using Drugs

During my childhood, I used to get slightly ill in social situations. That smoldering sense of inferiority became all too familiar during the recovery, as this happens to a lot of people. Nonetheless, these feelings can have many causes. Despite the turbulent and stressful world, that can lead to a discovery of the sources of peace for many people.

I never forgot that day when I chose this path. It was just a matter of time, when I studied in high school, that I had an encountered and used drugs for the first time. And not only this, I tried using it with alcohol. However, I did not enjoy drinking at all, but I had adopted the drugs. This was because whenever I was troubled, getting high showed me the path of peace and clarity, or at least I thought it did. In those moments, I felt passion, fun, and excitement, which I had never experienced before. Yet, for a considerable time, I used a few drugs. I used it when I was on vacation, with friends or on special occasions.

Developing Drug Addiction

During my medical training, my life was quite stressful. Due to that, the dose of drugs started to increase, because the only support for me to avoid loneliness and daily pressures was dependence on drugs. Whenever I faced failure or stress, I believed that it was only drugs that helped me win over it.

But along with it, I slowly got away from my family and my friends, because drugs had replaced all those things. Even though I believed I used it only a few moments, I unconsciously started giving importance to drugs in every situation. That was because it became a means to make my daily routine entertaining. Therefore, I did not want any obstacles for me to use the drugs. Because of this, I broke up a few friendships and I got divorced from my wife. After the events that followed, I got a wake up call that scared the living thing out of me.

The Wake Up Call

The event happened back in 2007 when I broke the speed limit while driving the car. It was night time, it was raining, and I had consumed drugs and was driving on the highway. Then, suddenly a car swerved into the barrier in front of me and started spinning around.

At that time, I was smoking marijuana while driving, which slowed down my reaction time. After that, I ended up face-to-face with the woman who was driving the swerving car. I thank God every day because at the right time, both of us managed to avoid getting into a crash.

However, I ended up getting quite scared because of this incident. My heart was beating at a high speed and for a few moments, it was dark in my eyes. From this point onward, I realized that if I did not stop, I would probably lose everything. Something inside me a shifted and eventually, I resolved to overcome my drug addiction. Nevertheless, it was not as easy as I thought it would be.

Overcoming Drug Addiction

At the initial stage of recovery, I believed that drug addiction can be fought alone. For this, I decided to stop using drugs every morning. I started thinking the day after that today, I will be able to keep myself sober all day. But every night, I faced disappointment.

During this time, I understood frustrations which occurred, especially in the life of an addicted person. I stayed in dilemma all the time because neither I could tolerate the use of drugs nor could live without it. Still, I wanted to quit, but I found myself unable  to do it, because I was struggling with myself.

After that, I decided to share this trouble with my friends and sought help from them. My friend convinced me after hearing my story that there is nothing to worry about, because there are many programs to help the addict. Programs through which any addiction can be overcome regardless how old the addiction is.

He suggested to me to enroll into the rehabilitation center. Then, we started a search for a good rehabilitation center. Eventually, I enrolled in the rehabilitation center which name was Promises Addiction Recovery Center California. In fact, the beginning of my recovery started from there.

I stayed there for about 6 months. They searched for the main causes of my addiction and I was involved in many programs to eradicate those causes. Yoga, meditation, exercise, and 12-step program played a key role in the recovery of my drug addiction.

How I Managed to Overcome Drug Abuse

Yoga and meditation provided me a new life by reducing craving as well as my stress. However, initially I had to face embarrassment and many physical problems. But, as time passed, my interest increased in yoga and meditation practice. Yoga, especially meditation, helped me separate myself from my external stimulants. Meditation built a connection between me and inner world. It promoted my inner knowledge and awareness, due to which my dependence on external things had diminished. In short, I experienced more pleasure in inner happiness rather than external pleasures.

Even today, I practice yoga and meditation and try to help others to get rid of this addiction. Nowadays, I fully understand the importance of family, friends and relationships. I am also in a romantic relationship with a woman. Also, I do not give importance to anything which I think could have a negative effect on me. This is because I have found the remedy of sobriety and now, I do not seem my journey to recovery less than a blessing.

Anoop Nain

Blogger: Anoop Nain

Blogger Bio:  He is a content marketer and health blogger who is currently working with Rehab Tip. He has covered the topics related to health, fitness, and lifestyle. He specializes in condensing complex health information into easy articles that are understandable to the readers of his niche.

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John Todorovic

John Todorovic

This Post Has 25 Comments

  1. Ahsan

    I think I can say something about my real life. Four years ago, my brother was addicted and I had to take care of him. Our parents were worried. I know this is not easy but I did one thing with him is I helped him to take drugs. Yes, you read it right. I wanted to take control of him. I slowly limiting the number of drugs, and after 30/35 days I make him cured. This wasn’t easy enough, but I give him all my time in those days. I filled all his wish except stopping drugs. And now in 2017, he is fine and living like a king with his one son and one 4 months little queen.

  2. Preeti

    Drug addiction intercepts a person from living life to the fullest. My maternal grandfather was addicted to alcohol and I have seen him going through all his toughest time, so I can say that overcoming any addiction is a difficult task and most difficult challenges that an addict will ever face. I hope you are thriving in sobriety. Stay blessed.

  3. Imran Hussain

    the process you explained is way better then rehablition center. if anyone follows the procedure he/she can rid of drug addiction ..

  4. karriefrost

    You are brave for sharing your story. You have taken the most important steps toward recovery and making a better life for yourself. It isn’t easy to take those steps nor to share it with the world.

  5. maria

    I haven’t really tried drugs but I have a smoking addiction which I managed to quit for a year, but due to work stress and anxiety, I started smoking again and somehow believed that it helped me relieve my stress & anxiety. I am however overcoming my smoking addiction with the help of my family and friends who are supporting me non stop. I also have colleugues at work who were heavily smokers before and managed to quit effectively and are happily sharing their tips to help me.

  6. Amy-inspire

    This is is very deep and so valuable to drug users.
    Great post!

  7. Great post and a wonderfully honest share. I am so honored to have read this.

  8. Anish George

    meditation is the best treatment for all types mental illness and addictions. Good post.

  9. Jimmy

    Anoop, your story reminded me of my own battle and subsequent triumph over alcoholism. In many ways, there are many similarities like the cravings, the desire to escape from something we do not enjoy facing and the devastation to those that we love around us. However, I think my troubles were nothing compared to yours. Drugs is definitely more serious than alcohol. When you overcame drugs, I think your identity shifted – you became someone else. Some who embrace another life, hence there is no need for drugs anymore. To me, quitting or changing anything, one must shift their identity to something positive.

  10. You, Me and Benny

    WOW!!!! This really hit me. bless you for sharing your story!

  11. Blairvillanueva

    Each of us are different in ways to overcome struggles, but never crossed in my mind to turn the side ways and take drugs. I admire that you are now free and moving on strongly.

  12. ZyraKuma

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. I never had anyone close to me have a drug addiction but this made me aware of it.

  13. lauragetsrichinhealth

    Wow! You should definitely be extremely proud of yourself for overcoming a powerful addiction and now helping others do the same. I have had several friends and family with addiction and luckily they pulled thru as well, but it is an everyday thing to work on. Thank you for sharing your experience!!

  14. Matija Antonić

    Using it here and there isn’t bad, now I don’t mean using it everyday, I tried marijuana, but I just didn’t like it, and I decided to not using it anymore, I didn’t have an addiction but I do know just how hard it might hit you, especially in threatening situations, glad you got out of it tho 🙂

  15. Kelly Loftus

    You should be proud that you have overcome the addiction. You should feel even prouder that you are here and able to share your story.

  16. tingandthings.com

    Thanks for being so open and honest. Not a lot of people are willing to share this kind of story about themselves

  17. sincerelymissj

    Thank you for sharing your story. It is not easy sharing intimate experiences but i am sure this will help many people

  18. hoodakismet

    I have never been addicted, but I have used drugs in the past and used them a lot. It took me a really bad trip to have that wake-up call and swear off them altogether. Thanks for sharing your story, that’s very brave!

  19. Sanjota Purohit

    Fighting addiction needs lot of will power and courage. It is like fighting battle. Great post!

  20. tcleland88

    Overcoming addiction is a daily battle that never ends. I wish you the best of luck in continuing your fight.

  21. Everything On A Plate

    More power to Anoop was coming this far!423y

  22. cheszdylan

    Overcoming addiction takes a real decision back up with courage.

  23. Elizabeth O

    Initially it would be hard but eventually you’ll get used to it as long as you are willing and determine. Glad that you have overcome. All the best!

  24. Kat Johana

    wow this post is so powerful. praise God for overcoming the addiciton!

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