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Perception of Reality 


What is real? How do you define ‘real’? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

This is part of the conversation that Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus) had with Keanu Reeves (Neo) in the 1999 movie called “The Matrix”. The reason why I love this quote is that it made me re-think a lot of ways in which I perceive reality. I don’t mean that in a way that I believe we live in a digitally conceived reality that imprisoned our consciousness. I believe we can influence our own mind in certain ways.

Different Perspective

I have spent countless hours trying to find meaning of every day life and how I can improve my understanding of it. The availability of information nowadays is possibly endless and with that, it’s prone to misinterpretation. I didn’t always believe everything I read or watched, but I did my best to pick the common sense solutions. Do you think common sense is always present and applicable? Of course not. Life would have been too easy if that was the case.

Complications of every day living can be minor, like losing your pen at work. They can be major as losing your wallet and car keys. I’m glad I never had to experience those two scenarios (never say never). I always took extra precautions to avoid them. Every now and then I catch myself feeling that I might suffer from OCD. While walking somewhere, I tend to tap on the pockets, unnoticeably, which contain sensitive items (car keys, money, cards etc.). Is that classified as OCD?

Being overly cautious sometimes makes me think that I take things way too seriously. Life may not be as cruel as that. Do I like to take chances on it? Absolutely not!

Since the late nineties, and my discovery of Murphy’s Law, I made myself look at things from a different perspective.


Happier Life

The reality became more fun and open for multiple interpretations, depending on the situation, and the occasional mishap. Have you ever dropped something on the floor and it managed to roll into a hard to reach spot? Did you get frustrated trying to hit the trashcan with a crumpled paper, but instead of hitting it right, it bounced off the edge and onto the side of it? “Uncle” Murphy was laughing from wherever he was at.

This didn’t mean that I took things for granted, but it loosened up the seriousness that I’ve been building up inside me for years. It helped me “define” reality in a more meaningful way. The way I perceived things and how did they influence me was greatly assisted by knowledge seeking I never stopped doing. I learned to control my feelings and emotions, my ego and anger that caused me to be overly anxious and to keep the balance of mind overall.

Nowadays, I still like to sit in silence and work on eliminating the negative thoughts, plucking them out like overgrown weed in the garden. It helps me maintain the composure of senses, which ultimately resulted in happier life. It’s a great way of caring for yourself without being selfish. Besides, who are you without your sense of self? How do you perceive reality?

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    • John Todorovic John Todorovic

      It is indeed. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  1. Our reality is how we create it. So, let’s create a good one!

    • John Todorovic John Todorovic

      Absolutely! We can and we should.

  2. mljohnson11 mljohnson11

    I try not to live by too many rules, but anyone who quotes Yoda or Morpheus can’t be all bad. I’m pretty sure about that one – or is it two? Good stuff man – and since I’m subscribed I guess I’ll be hearing more. 🙂

    • John Todorovic John Todorovic

      Thank you for enjoying my writing. I will be sharing more experiences.

  3. Removing negative thoughts like weeds from a garden, a perfect analogy for a real problem.

  4. Real is a subjective aspect of life. The reality of one rarely matches others. So… who can define when one’s reality is just an illusion?

  5. Hey, Crisly! Thank you for jumping in the deep end, so to speak, by addressing the big questions of meaning and purpose in this life! I think they are good questions and should be asked, even if they do bring some confusion or surface more questions. As you probably know from my blog, I’ve found a meaningful framework for life through Christian spirituality. So I see things through this lens (on good days, at least…) ???? For example, I believe that we’ve got a Creator who is Goodness itself and Who will heal this world in the long-term. So this give me hope for the here and now! Keep searching…and writing!

  6. Reality is what we make of it , I suppose. Great reading your thoughts!

  7. Ana Ana

    Really awesome post. Everyone sees EVERYTHING different! Shapes, colors –
    on and on. I am finding this true in my life for sure. Everything is what you make of it and it alters reality.

    • John Todorovic John Todorovic

      It sure is. I am constantly observing how life changes in front of my eyes, just by adjusting the way I look at it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  8. One thing I always ask myself is “what if…?”
    What if I am late? What if I lose my car keys? What if I don’t get that job. Almost always, the answer is really not worth worrying about, don’t you think?

    • John Todorovic John Todorovic

      I believe so. It took me a while to get to that point and now, I’m enjoying it. Thank you for the thoughtful words.

  9. I really enjoyed yout post while reading. It is everyone’s perception that how we take the things as real or fake. Its only depends on us that how we take life is to be. So alwayz try to catch the good or real things and throw out the bad or fake things to make the life better and happier

    • John Todorovic John Todorovic

      I will, thank you for great recommendations.

  10. ragordon2017 ragordon2017

    I think we all have those “what is it all about” moments. The trick is not to be so overwhelmed by it.

  11. Tanya Finks Tanya Finks

    I like the imagery of weeding out the mental garden. Thanks for the thought-provoking post!

  12. This is a pretty deep post that makes you think about things in a different way. Quite interesting.

  13. You are so on point. I have been writing about exactly the same thing. We live our bubble of reality which I like to call our “Hamster Ball” and we tend to think that that’s the only truth that exists. Once you realize that there are perspectives beyond your version of reality, you learn, grow and experience much more! Thanks for this great read.

  14. rspires811 rspires811

    Reality is in your own mindset. When you stop allowing the noise of the outside world to Cloud your perception of things. Your reality will be so much more peaceful. Love your post! It really makes you think.

  15. Shizan Hamid Shizan Hamid

    There is huge difference between belongings and humans. You can double check your belongings and make it less likely to loose them but you have to set some one free at his /her will and stop worrying, the only way to minimise the chances of losing.Real prospective of life is that its meant to be lost so no point in living it in the fear of losing things, people or life itself. Its not going to change any thing which is meant to be lost it only changes your state of happiness which is meant to be retained day in and day out.

  16. Nice! I wrote about the same thing last week. We all view the journey differently 🙂

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