Hello and welcome. I’m glad that you’re here. I’m sure that you know how Pinterest Group Board works, or else you won’t be here 😊. Pinterest helped our blog a lot as well. Of course, it did not happen overnight. I am very grateful for people who are supporting each other and not just taking advantage of others. That is why we created Official Pinterest Group Board for Empoering and Uplifting.

The goal of our group board is to try to make a difference in blogging world, whereas most people just wanted to take and take without giving back. Here, we only accept collaborators who are in the same boat as we are, because we believe that in order to grow, you have to help others grow.

Without further ado, here are the steps on how to join our group board and connect with wonderful bloggers out there

Steps on How to Join

  1. Follow Empowering and Uplifting, this is important so that I can find you easily.
  2. Follow the group board Empowering Bloggers.
  3. Leave your email associated with your Pinterest account in the contact form below. Your email is safe with us, and we won’t distribute it to a third party.
  4. Leave your Pinterest account URL in the contact form below.

Guidelines of the Board

  1. You can pin almost anything, except X-rated off course 😊.
  2. Please don’t spam our board, this is like our Home.
  3. Please re-pin others pin at least once a week, but off course you are not limited to once a week, you can do it every day if you wish to.
  4. Pin, re-pin, comments, whatever you do make sure that you enjoy doing it, don’t stress.

In addition, I would like to have you in our Facebook Group as well. It is the extension of our Pinterest Group Board. Check out Empowering Bloggers on Facebook.

Feel free to leave us a comment if you need clarifications and/or send us a message via contact form below.

Contact Form for Joining the Pinterest Group Board

  • If you want to share your story, read the submission guidelines and send your story following the instructions provided.

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  1. Jay Mistri


    My name is Jay Mistri and I would like to become a contributor for “Empowering Bloggers”.

    I run a blog that focuses on frugal living and money saving tips that I think would be a useful addition to your board.

    My Pinterest is https://www.pinterest.com/tipsfromjay/

    Feel free to contact me at tipsfromjay@gmail.com

    Best regards,
    -Jay Mistri

  2. Al Brill

    Dear Jay,

    I really like your pins and have followed you on Pinterest!
    May I please be added to your groupboard, Empowering Bloggers?
    I feel my pins would be a great addition to the
    board. I blog at https://www.AgelessSpace.com and have beautiful pins
    and great articles to share. I would love to be a part of
    your group if possible.

    Pinterest Business and Contact name: Al Brill

    Pinterest email: abrill123456789@gmail

    My Pinterest username is abrill123456789

    Pinterest public profile link is

    Thank you for your consideration!

    Al Brill

  3. Clark Jeremy


    My name is Jeremy, and I run a blog over at jeremylife.com/

    I love your group board called “Empowering Bloggers”, it’s very similar to some of articles that I write.
    I would love to be able to contribute to the group board, my content is all orginal and well reaserched.

    My pinterest profile is : https://www.pinterest.co.kr/jeremylifecoach/
    My blog is : https://www.jeremylife.com
    My pinterest email is : hello@jeremylife.com

    I have already followed you and the board.
    Thanks very much for your consideration! 🙂


    1. Crisly Zerrudo

      Hello Clark,

      We tried to sent you an invite to our Pinterest group board but for some reason, it cannot detect your email.

    1. Crisly Zerrudo

      Already sent you an invite.

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