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There are two important parts when it comes to great content. The first part is writing it while the second part, which some consider equally important, is promoting that content.
When you think about it, having an amazing article can be useless if no one finds it and reads it. Lucky enough, there are various ways of promoting your blog and social media posts through social media platforms.
It is necessary for social media promotion to have a solid strategy to achieve maximum effect, encourage engagement and increase the overall interaction with your articles and posts.

Why do you need Social Media?

Social media promotion done well is a hugely effective traffic generator. Social media allows other people to like, comment on and share your content. This means that if you create blog posts that engage and motivate your readers, the higher the chances of them sharing your content with their social circle. In return, you will be able to reach a broader audience.
You should understand the social media platforms are focusing on connecting with other people, and sharing useful content where the audience will gain value. Once you get that cleared, your audience will want to interact more.
If you are knowledgeable and are willing to share it, your reputation will rise and you will be more respected by the community.

What’s included in our Social Media Promotion Plans?

All our social media promotion plans are based on the types of promotion for specific source, like Facebook, Instagram and blogs. For all our plans, we guaranteed engagement results. There are no starting fees or long-term contracts. You can cancel your plan any time without penalties.

To help you understand how this process works, one credit represents promoting one type of content:

  • Facebook Page like (guaranteed increase in page likes)
  • Facebook Post like (guaranteed 50 post likes)
  • Facebook Post comment (limited to 20 comments)
  • Instagram Follow (guaranteed increase in followers)
  • Instagram Post like (guaranteed 100 post likes)
  • Instagram Post comment (limited to 20 comments)
  • Blog comment (limited to 20 comments)

For example, 1 credit on Basic Plan ($12) will give you guaranteed 50 Facebook Post likes. These are just minimums that we are guaranteeing, and in most cases, you will get more engagement.

The advantages of Social Media Promotion don’t end here

Social media indicators such as engagement and sharing are a great measure of your relevance and influence. We understand that the search engine’s main goal is to provide useful and relevant results in its organic listings.
If you are truly dedicated to grow your brand awareness, your influence and increase your search engine ranking results you definitely do need social media.
Thus, if you build your social media presence in a legitimate and organic way, it can help your SEO efforts, giving you faster and more efficient results.


The best choice for beginners
$ 12 Per Post
  • 5 credits/month
  • No contracts
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


For active bloggers
$ 10 Per Post
  • 10 credits/month
  • No contracts
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


For professional bloggers
$ 8 Per Post
  • 20 credits/month
  • No contracts
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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