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Empowering and Uplifting has high standards for unique and quality content. We only publish the most helpful, motivational and inspirational content. Our writers have unique experiences and inspirational stories that help motivate and empower other people’s lives.

Why should you share your stories with us?

You will have a positive influence on people’s lives. Our community is dedicated to help others become the better version of themselves. We help encourage others and be a part of their journey in creating their own happiness.

You will get more exposure

We will promote your posts as if they were ours. You will reach wider audience. As a moderator of a group with more than 22 thousand members, and growing everyday, our team work hard in promoting our writers work.

Personal development

You’ll empower yourself while empowering others. Not only that you’ll touch other people’s lives, you will also develop as a motivational blogger.

We don’t set specific deadlines, so you can write on your own pace.

Submission guidelines

  1. Choose the category that you will write about. You can choose: motivation, relationships, and personality development. Write your inspirational story, with minimum of 1200 words, but preferably 1500 words and more.
  2. Keep it honest. Remember, we want to provide content that will change and improve the lives of our readers.
  3. Your story should be unique, meaning that it wasn’t published on any site yet, including your own. Please do not copy your published work and/or re-write it slightly, then send it to us. Also, don’t try to re-phrase posts from other websites. Those will be automatically rejected.
  4. We will credit your work to you, that’s why we will promote your content with your full details. Profile picture, blog link, and a few lines about you.
  5. Have in mind that you can’t re-post the story anywhere else without our consent.
  6. We also hold the right to make minor adjustments to your content to comply with our guidelines, SEO and for improved clarity.
  7. Email your content to, with profile picture and two other pictures that will complement your story.
  8. We will review your story and provide you with feedback if needed. If your story is approved we will post it as soon as possible, and inform you about it.
  9. This is a great opportunity for you to become our official contributor, with access to our blog.

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