Motivational Blogger Lynne Blakelock

Motivational Blogger Lynne Blakelock Feature

Can you stay focused? Would you be able to keep your eye on the prize?

Our Motivational Blogger of the Week, Lynne Blakelock believes that she can.

Read on to find out how.

How would you describe yourself?

As a bit of a contradiction in terms, I am girlie and one of the lads, shy and yet can be outspoken. I am caring and loyal, always looking out for others and I am honest and a good friend. I’m someone who tries hard to see the good in people, which can be a major downfall.

What is the most inspiring sentence you have ever read or heard?

“Being awesome holds mirrors up to other people and sometimes they don’t like what they see. That is not your shit to deal with, it’s theirs. Do not let it derail you. Stay focused and keep your eye on the prize. Human beings are strange and major life changing events bring out the best and worst in people. Get rid of toxic people, or at least move them out of your mind.” This is something that really resonates with me.

What is the one temptation you would be better off removing from your life?

Having that one last drink, that is where the fun and messy stuff starts. I am in no way an alcoholic, but there are times when you think “life is too short” and just want to have fun. I think a lot of us are guilty of going to have “just the one” and then realising hours later we are having so much fun, so we stayed out. This is all well and good, however there have been times when I should have just gone home.

What’s something you enjoy doing for other people?

Listening to their problems and being there for them. It is something that costs nothing, but time and is underrated. If we all listened more, I think the world would be a happier place. As my mam says “You were given two ears and one mouth for a reason”.

Have you judged someone you don’t really know? How did you feel about it?

Yes, I think we are all guilty of doing it, even though I do it, I hate it. I am judged for my outwards appearance all of the time, as I have psoriasis. If I have pre-judged someone I always feel guilty and I never go with that initial thought, I give everyone a chance. We all need to learn to accept each other and show respect.

Motivational Blogger Lynne Blakelock

What’s standing between you and your biggest goal?

Money, which is sad. I am not a money oriented person, which is probably why I am wary of investing money in my goals. It used to be my self-confidence that was the biggest thing standing in my way, however I am proud to say that is no longer the case. I may not be the best at some things, but it doesn’t mean I can’t at last try.

When was the last time you thought about yourself?

When I started writing my blog and took up running for me. Also, when I decided I would try pilates. When I quit a job I hated. These are all things I would never have dared do before, or even think I could do.

What’s something positive you try to keep in mind when negativity surrounds you?

There is always someone worse off and I have lived through plenty of downs and came out of the other side on an up. It will get better. Even when I have thought everything was the worst it could be both worse and better things happened, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I can do this!

What’s something you look forward to?

Spending time with family, my fella and friends. For instance Christmas is coming up and I will be spending it in the best way possible, with my family, fella and friends. Something that makes me feel like a kid again in a way, but it is amazing and gives you a nice, warm fuzzy feeling inside.

What was the most painful experience you ever went through? How did you conquer it?

There have been many, but the worst has to be losing people I love. You don’t conquer it, you learn to accept it, live with it and try and live your life to the fullest.

What does living a good life mean to you?

Spending time with loved ones, having time to do some fun things, a roof over my head and food in my belly. Unfortunately, not everyone is this lucky. People lose sight of all of this, which is sad.

How would you describe freedom?

Being able to do what you want when you can. Knowing I can get up and think, this week I want to do A, B and C and then going out and doing them. This is also something not everyone can do. Being able to do the simple things like going for a walk is something that makes me feel free.

What do you do to find serenity in a chaotic world?

I run, write and talk. All of these things are like therapy to me. They give you time to stop, think and process your thoughts.

What is the one habit you have that makes you different from others?

I multitask to the point I can’t sometimes remember what I was doing to begin with. I need to start to try and concentrate more on the task in hand, but I find that challenging in this time of Wi-Fi and being connected 24/7.

What message can you leave to our community to motivate them?

If you can be anything in the world, be kind. Smile at strangers, it might be the only friendly face they see. Respect each other, if we are all nicer to one another the world will be a better place. Set yourself goals, push yourself, you can do it!

Motivational Blogger Lynne Blakelock

Blogger: Lynne Blakelock

Blogger Bio: Lynne is a 37 year old British expat living in the Netherlands. She always wanted to write and now, following the death of a friend she decided to go for it. Her blog covers all topics of her life and is written from the heart, so very honest. Life never seems to go to plan, but she thinks that is life. She recently started running, which has given her a new lease of life.

Blog link: Almost Midlife and Looking for a Crisis

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John Todorovic

This Post Has 16 Comments

  1. Julia Elizabeth

    I absolutely loved this interview! I started my blog shortly after my father passed away and I related to a lot of this <3

    1. Crisly Zerrudo

      We are glad that you loved this interview Julia. Sorry to hear about your father. We just celebrated our daughter’s first birthday, and death aniversarry and it’s like openning the wounds and reliving the pain over again. If you are interested, you can share your story and be featured in our weekly Motivational Bloggers just like this one.

      1. Julia Elizabeth

        Thanks Crisly, sorry to hear about your loss as well <3 I appreciate the offer but I don't think I'm quite ready to share my story, maybe one day…

        1. Crisly Zerrudo

          Thank you Julia and you are welcome. No worries, I totally understand, when you’re ready, our comunity is here for you.

  2. Sara Russell

    I really enjoy reading these interviews and look forward to them each week! This is another great perspective on life! As an American expat living in Italy, I can relate to a lot of what Lynne says!

    1. Crisly Zerrudo

      Thank you Sara, we are glad to hear that you enjoy reading this. Indeed, Lynne’s perspective is great.

  3. I always like reading your motivating posts and i find them to be very uplifting to my day whenever i doubt myself. This particular post really hits home.

  4. Kristi

    I love the interview format, and I really enjoy the writers you shine the light on! I especially liked the sentence here as it’s a lesson for all of us to remove the bad so that we can let in all the good! Great post!

    1. Crisly Zerrudo

      Thank you for your kind words Kristi. I agree, if we remove all the bad things in our life we have more space for good ones.

  5. Lynne Blakelock

    Thank you for your kind words Sara, I am pleased that you were able to relate to this. As expats we sometimes have to be double everything, double brave, double hard working, etc. It is all worth it. 🙂

  6. TLC

    Good interview. Thanks for giving some insight to Lynne’s perspectives.

  7. Lynne Blakelock

    Thank you all for your kind words and thank you to this amazing site for allowing me to appear here.

  8. Lynne Blakelock

    I am really happy to hear this, thank you so much for reading my post and taking your time to give me some feedback. Have a great 2018.

  9. Lynne Blakelock

    I am sorry to hear about your father. It is a really bittersweet way to follow a dream. Thank you for your comment and I hope you have a very happy and healthy 2018.

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