Think Right, Get It Right

Think Right Get It Right

Do you know how to think right?

Can you get it right?

Have you ever found yourself looking for ways to improve the way you think?

The moment you stop reading is the moment you start fading. Your brain needs food the same way your body needs food. Feed your brain right.

How to Think Right

When you think negative of your life, negative things tend to happen. But when you think positive of your life, everything tends to go well. You see yourself succeeding in all your endeavors. Positive thinking is magic that change everything for good.

When you think positive in your life, you see yourself succeeding as you have no time to think negatively. Positive works for you, while negative is working against you. You have the right to make a choice.

Being optimistic is the best train that can take you to your destination successfully.  I remember as a kid I never allowed what I can’t do to stop me from doing what I wanted to do. I had an absorbent memory and when I read, I understood. I did well even though my English was not good.

I found it hard to speak among my fellow scholars because I was prone to mistakes. Whenever I spoke. it became a caricature. Everyone laughed at me. Even my teachers did it because sometimes, they cannot hold themselves.

My first decision was to start watching foreign movies. Before that, I only loved watching local movies where my dialect was spoken. I found out that we can achieve anything if only we can be willing to give it our time. Also, I disliked foreign movies, but today, I don’t watch any other movies other than a foreign movie.

You see, I could conquer my fault because I had a positive mind that I can change for good. I never blamed anybody and never took it as an offence.

I am thankful for all of those who said no to me. It is because of them I did it myself – Albert Einstein

Think Right

How to Face Obstacles

I never shied away from obstacles. After all, obstacles are the cereals of champions. I believe that the most difficult area in business is marketing. It is hard to convince someone about a new product.

I remember my life as a marketer. It was very difficult for me at the start. But one thing about me is that whenever I do it, I play my marketing as a game. If I failed in any stage, I work harder to overcome it and that’s how I kept going. I’ll never forget the words of Muhammad Ali:

I never liked any day of my training but I told myself: Don’t quit! Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.

That’s positive thinking. Saturate your subconscious mind that you are the champion and see yourself doing great things. Coach your brain to turn every negative into positive. Know that if you can say it, you can do it. You have the ability to direct or channel your brain to think right.  We all have the power. It’s in you so use it right.

How to Look at Situations

There was a day I went to a park to board a bus. It rained so heavily and there was no bus around. There was a lot of people waiting for the same bus and there was no alternative. I was in hurry for an appointment, but I can’t do anything to improve the situation at hand. So, instead of getting angry and disappointed on the things I cannot change, I decided to look at the situation differently.

I knew that even if the bus came, I may not be able to enter due to a crowded station. So, I decided to move and stand in different place away from the park. Just a minute later, a passing bus stopped by. So, I boarded the bus and luckily, it was going to my destination. Along the ride I asked the driver why did he stop and he said: “I felt it’s the right thing to do”.

You see, the way I reacted, the situation favored me. If I allowed anger to settle in, I would have not been able to think about the options and guess what the outcome may be. Someone else might be thinking the way you do but you need to keep your cool.

How to Face Obstacles

How to Get It Right

My younger sister called me after her exams to tell me that she took 3rd position. Obviously, she was expecting a praise from me but for her surprise I asked her what’s the reason for calling me. I told her not to settle for less and go for excellent, no matter how long it will take her.

Life is not easy, and it is more tough to remain at the top than to get to the top. With this, I changed her way of reasoning. I was able to change her view of life. Go as far as you can and when you get there you will be able to see farther. Today, you can never force her to settle for average. Don’t even bring it as a topic to her.


Your thinking can make you or destroy you. Learn to think right and think differently. See life different from the way the world sees it. The problem I have with the world is that the world doesn’t see the world the way I see the world. I don’t know how that sound but that’s absolutely what I think. It’s either you think yourself into success or you think yourself into failure. The choice is yours.

Think Right, Get It Right!


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Crisly Todorovic

Crisly Todorovic

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  1. rspires811

    This is such an inspirational post. Having a positive mindset will determine the type of life you will have and will help you through those difficult moments.

    1. Crisly Zerrudo

      We are glad that you found this inspiring Ramona. Indeed, having a positive mindset will help you overcome difficulties.

  2. lexieanimetravel

    Lovely guide and tips, It’s so nice to hear positivity in your article. I’m pretty sure a lot of people will be touched and will surely think right. Determination is a real great key to provide positive insight and outlook of every situation that life might throw it. What a fantastic read! chees!

    1. Crisly Zerrudo

      Thank you Alexine, we strive to give our community a valuable read, and a content that will touch their lives, change the way they see life, and make a change.

  3. Imran Hussain

    Amaazing Post.. Thanks For Sharing .. I always Think Negative ,now i trying to think positive .. Very Helpfull Post ..

    1. Crisly Zerrudo

      We are glad to hear that you found this very helpful, stay positive.

  4. TLC

    I’ve always tried to live by the standard of mind over matter–and I’ve found that positivity comes in to play a lot. Thanks for inspiring!

  5. Novel Blondes

    Very inspiring post, will make readers what to give the extra effort and not settle for less.

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